Learning Good Security Practices Online

No matter how adept you may be at something, you didn’t know how to do it the first time you tried. You may be a genius now at a chosen field but it took someone to show you how to use the tools of your profession first. There are very few things that we are born knowing how to do so most of us need someone to show us and then we can go on our own. If you do not have someone showing you how to do something, then there are going to be aspects that will take you a long time to discover. So for most people, it is better that they get a basic lesson from someone else and then they practice on their own from there. Once they know the basics of their chosen field then they can become an expert by standing on the shoulders of the people who came before them and innovating from there.


This is how you can become good in the world of computer security. And we are not just talking about the people who want to make a living at it. We are talking about people who just want to secure their own system and no one else’s. Or maybe they want to be able to secure their system and some of their family members. Well to do that you are going to have to learn the basics and a little bit beyond that. For that to happen you are going to need someone to show you how. Luckily you have the internet and there are all sorts of places where you can learn to protect yourself online.

Checking blogs for information

These days the first place that people start to look for information is one of the many blogs that are available to them online. There are many out there so it is going to take you time to be able to choose the best one for you to learn with. You have to be able to separate not only the good from the bad but the advanced and the simple. If you are just starting out you do not want a blog that is going to go over your head with the topics that it talks about. You are going to want to something that is going to be able to help ease your way into the field. Later on when you are more comfortable with the topic you can start to look at the more advanced blogs.

A couple of my personal favourites that could be good for beginners or those with just a passing interest in the topic:

Online video sites

One of the great things about the internet today is that we have access to so many videos. With so many different people out there, not everyone is going to be able to learn the same way. There are some people out there who learn better by listening and there are some people out there who learn better by using visual stimulants. That is where a good video site comes in at. If you visit a video site like Youtube then you will be able to find all types of beginner security videos that you can learn from. And remember to make sure that the video that you are looking at is a beginner video. Just like blogs there are a lot of advance videos on youtube and you do not want to be over your head.

If you look online you will be able to find a lot of information regarding proper security practices for both amateurs and professionals. You may also find useful security info in some unusual places too.

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