Learn HTML 5 Web Sockets Now!

Every few years you start to see a new batch of computer technology come around. While the internet is always evolving there are times when you see a huge explosion of innovation happen at one time. This is what we are starting to see now. The land is changing and there is a new technology that is setting foot on the scene and it is called HTML 5.


While HTML 5 shares a lot in common with the old standard of HTML 4 you should not think about it that way. HTML 5 is a new way of computing on the web and you should be ready for it. The original HTML standard only thought about the way web pages would look on a computer. That is why it was mostly known as a markup language and not a normal programming language.

But HTML 5 has some new tricks up its sleeve and it is going beyond just being a way to show you how to put pictures on a web page. You can integrate deeply with your computer now and that is why you have to pay special attention if you are a computer security specialist. The technology that is coming along in HTML 5 will allow web developers more power on your computer than ever before.

As a computer security specialist there are going to be parts of the technology that should concern you more than others. And one of the parts of HTML5 that should really concern you is the HTML 5 sockets portion. This gives a web developer a lot of power in the browser but it can cause a security specialist a lot of grief.

HTML 5 sockets allow you to interact directly with the sockets of your system. The sockets are what allow you to connect your computer to the outside world. We usually see sockets used when it comes to client and server applications.

When it comes to security implications, this new technology may allow your browser user to bypass security restrictions that you have set up on your network. If you have a port blocked they may be able to bypass it with this new type of technology. If you want to keep that from happening then you must learn about this technology now.

HTML 5 is a new emerging technology and if you do not catch up now you will most likely be left behind.

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