Learn How To Trust Your Address Bar

While a lot of people have joined the internet revolution over the years, there are still a lot of people have not jumped on yet. And when they do finally decide to get on the bandwagon, there is going to be a lot for them to learn and it may take them awhile to catch up. The internet as a whole is a lot more complicated than it used to be so if you are someone who is starting from scratch now then it might take you a lot longer than someone who was starting from scratch say five years ago. But the people who are just joining are not the only ones who should take the time and learn more about the internet and how to safely use it. There are a lot of people who have been on the internet for a long time now who still do not know the basics when it comes to using it.

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For example, there have been polls done that show that most people still don’t know what a browser is. While it is getting better in that regard, there is still a lot of people who just open up the internet with the default browser that comes with the operating system. They do not know that there are alternatives out there so they just go with the first thing that they see. And that is understandable, not everyone can be considered tech savvy enough to know what they can use to see the internet and what they cannot use. But no matter what browser you use, you should at least know the basic parts when it comes to that browser. And this is important for many reasons. Some people will think that it is important because it will allow you to have a quicker and more efficient session while using the internet. While that is a good thing, it is not the most important reason why you should get to know your browser a little bit better. The main reason why you should get to know your browser a little bit better is for safety concerns.

Yes, knowing your browser will help you out tremendously when it comes to the safety of you being on the internet. Knowing what the consequences are for what you are clicking will help you make smart decisions on when to click on what. The most important part of the browser that you should be concerned with is not the part where you actually see the page. That really does explain itself and most people do not have a problem with it. The part that you should really get to know to help you stay safe while using the internet is the address bar. This will help you stay safe for several reasons.

The internet is made up of links and the address bar is what shows you what link you are on. The reason why so many people are able to be caught up in phishing attacks is because they do not know what the address bar does. They do not know how to read the links that are in the address bar that will allow them to know if they are on the right page or not. When you click on a link you will be shown at the top of your browser whether you are at where you are supposed to be. You should not depend on the text or graphics of a website because those can easily be faked. You should depend on the address bar because while it can be faked as well, it is a lot harder to do and if you really read then even an amateur can tell that it is fake.

So overall, get to know the address bar in your browser (and make sure it hasn’t been spoofed). It will help you navigate the internet easier and more importantly it will help keep you safe.

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