Latest News On The Java 0 Day, Fix Issued


Oracle have now released an out of cycle patch which should go some way to alleviating fears surrounding the 0-day vulnerability everyone has known about for some time now.

If you haven’t already gotten rid of Java for good then you need to head over to in order to get the latest version NOW because, as Oracle themselves say…



As I am sure you are well aware by now the big security story of the week is the zero day vulnerability found in the Java Runtime Environment.

With so much being written and said over the last few days I thought the best way of getting the latest info to you was via the following tweets which you can interact with – you can click on the links to read more and even reply  directly from here.

1. Chet Wisniewski from Sophos reports that a Polish security company may have made Oracle aware of this and other vulnerabilities back in April:

2. Trevor Pott from The Register tells a personal tale of his hatred for Java:

3. Everyones’ favourite at The Register, John Leyden, explains how there are actually two zero-day flaws and offers a timely reminder that it may not just be Windows users who are at risk:

4. Need protection from the latest Java vulnerability? Lucian Constantin from TechWorld tells you how:

5. Gregg Keizer of MacWorld explains how the zero-day explot has gone mainstream and is now being served up from over 100 unique domains:

6. Andre’ M. DiMino and Mila Parkour from DeepEndResearch offer up some analysis of the vulnerability:

7. Lastly, Brian Honan asks the question which I’m sure we all want the answer to : when will Java be patched?

Have you got any more news on the Java situation?

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