Larry Lee Risser And The Fake CIA Agent Scam

In an urgent call his friend, George Rice, Larry Lee Risser Jnr said that he had been wounded during an ambush in a secret CIA assignment.

He also said he needed $10,000, immediately, for a rescue helicopter.

George Rice duly transferred the required funds to Risser’s account and then later heard that he was recovering in Germany.

impersonating a CIA officer

impersonating a CIA officer


Much like the case of Stacey Finley, Risser’s CIA status was pure fiction.

Last week Risser submitted a guilty plea in reply to federal charges of impersonating a CIA officer and also for wire fraud of $20,000, garnished from Rice and another man.

Risser, 34, now faces a maximum of 23 years in jail.

However, it is likely that he will receive a much shorter sentence under a plea bargain in which he agreed to pay restitution.

“It’s one thing to tell people a bunch of lies about yourself,” said Assistant U.S. Atty. Richard Y. Lee. “It’s another thing to then use that to con them out of tens of thousands of dollars.”


Larry Lee Risser Jnr began impersonating a CIA agent around 2 years ago, whilst hanging out at a shooting range in Oxnard, according to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

He told associates that he was the son of a U.S. ambassador and had made millions of dollars in the security business, exporting bulletproof cars to the Philippines.

He even went as far as telling one person that he had worked as a bodyguard to actress Angelina Jolie and that he was to be awarded the Silver Star.


In January 2006, Rice, the owner of the shooting range, received Risser’s call for help.

About a month later, however, Risser became greedy and sought more money, this time to escape another aborted mission.

It was at this point that Rice became suspicious and alerted the authorities.

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