Is Koobface Coming Back For More?

Like all ‘good’ viruses, Koobface likes to stick around.

Having originated on Facebook, Koobface then migrated to Twitter.

Last month the virus was causing infected users of the social networking site to send out tweets which linked to pages where other visitors would then become infected.

Near the end of July links to so-called videos of the latest Harry Potter movie tricked users into clicking on links that led to a variety of malware, including Koobface.

Now Koobface is back yet again, this time via a link in a tweet that claims to be for another other type of video of interest supposedly hosted on YouTube.

These videos, supposedly created by the user who tweeted the link, then ask visitors to upgrade their installation of Flash which is required to watch the short movie clip.

Of course that is a deception though as the ‘upgrade’ simply installs Koobface. have more detail on the latest incarnation of Koobface here.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more troy.

  2. People who click on random links on the web generally get what they deserve.


  1. […] This in turn leads to a multitude of malware being installed on the target computer, including such goodies as the Koobface worm. […]

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