Killing Old Rumours When It Comes To Computer Security

There are some things that we hear during life that just somehow stick with us no matter how old we get. And the bad part about it is that we continue to believe that the rumors are true. Even when we find evidence that will refute the claim we still will cling on to the old rumor because it is what we believed our whole life. For example a good one is that hair will grow faster if you cut it. That is why some people do not shave the hair in certain areas of their body because they do not want it to get bushier. But all you have to do is take a quick look on Google and you will know that this is not true. It has been repudiated by scientist many times. But yet people will still believe this tale even when shown evidence that it is not true. Unfortunately the same thing happens when it comes to computers as well.


And worse than that, the same thing happens when you are talking about computer security. There are some rumors that started a long time ago that will still persist to this day. But sometimes it is not as simple as that. Sometimes the rumors are not necessarily wrong but they are just outdated. The rumors were once true but they are no longer and have not been in a long time. While the rumors may be based on reality it can still be troublesome when people still take it as a true fact. When you are basing your computer security experience on outmoded data then you can fall victim to security issues just like people who do not know any better.

One of the rumors that you hear about when it comes to computer security is that not all files can transfer a virus. There are some people that think that you only have to worry about executables and that is it. That is not true. You have to worry about any file that you come across that you do not recognize. Black hat hackers have found out that they can hide one file inside of another several years ago. There have been attacks found inside of image files and also .txt files. And there have been many attacks pulled off with the use of .doc files and .xls files which are both part of the Microsoft family. So when you are dealing with computer files you have to make sure you scan everything. Executable files are not the only type of files that can cause harm to your computer.

Another rumor that you have to worry about when you are talking about computer security is that only Windows computers get viruses and Mac and Linux based computers do not. This is not true either. All of these computers can receive a virus and all have at some point in the past. The big difference is that Windows based computers are more targeted because they have a higher install user base. Since Mac OS X based computers have become more popular we have seen that there have been more attacks against it as well. Whenever a well educated black hat hacker is motivated there is no system that will be able to stop them. So no matter what type of system that you use you still have to be really careful.

There are a lot more rumors that could be debunked but we do not have time in this article. Just remember that if you use a computer make sure you are going by updated information and not something that might have been true in the past.

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