Keeping Your Computer Safe While In School

If you are student now then you most likely have a different experience than your parents did when they went to school. This is especially true if you are student in high school or in college. You have to worry about things that your parents did not have to. And one of those things that you have to worry about is a computer and the internet. Most likely your parents went to school in the 80’s or early 90’s and while the internet was around it was not like how we know it now. It was very crude and not useful for as much stuff as it is now. And that meant that not a lot of people had it in their homes. But now the internet is everywhere and that means that you have to deal with it while you are both out of school and while you are in school.


But if you have a laptop or a mobile phone it can be hard making sure that you are able to take care of your device like you were at home. It is easy to lose the device or accidently drop it somewhere. But most importantly it is hard to keep the device safe against the cyber predators that may be out there. If you are in college or in high school there is a good chance that you have to connect your device to the network that is there. And when you have that many people hooked up to the same network there are bound to be security problems. And that is why you have to be ready to deal with them in the best possible manner. Yes, you may be young and you may not feel like dealing with security issues but if you do not then you can find yourself in trouble just the same as if your parents had computer security issues.

While you may not be accessing your bank account from your computer, you do access other important websites to you like your Facebook account. What if someone was able to get in your Facebook account and expose all of your secrets that are in there? Or what if they were able to get in your twitter account and they created fake post about you? Or even worse still what if they were able to get into your instagram account and took all of the photos that you had marked as private and instead made them public. All of this could be a real issue that you would have to worry about so it is better to be prepared now before it does become an issue.

The first thing that you want to do to protect your privacy on your computer is to make sure you do not share any of your passwords with your friends. For some reason teenagers and young adults like to share passwords with one another. You never know when that is going to come back and haunt you. The person that is your friend now may not be so in the future so you should protect yourself against that. And that goes for any boyfriend or girlfriend that you may have. There is a good chance that you will break up in the future and if the break up goes wrong you do not want them to have that much power over your information.

You also want to remember to make sure your passwords are strong enough. Teenagers and young adults have a really bad habit of bad password creation. Do not create a password based on your favorite singer, actor, or comic book hero. And make sure that your password has some length to it. You do not want it to be short or easy to guess.

Overall you have to remember that even when you are young passwords and computer security are important. So make sure you treat them as such.

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