Keep Your Kids Away From Strangers While They Are Playing Their Favourite Video Games

Digital devices are now just a part of life. We have to get used to them because they are not going away anytime soon. There are a generation of parents right now who grew up with video game systems in the household who now have kids of their own growing up the same way. While you may remember what it was like before the internet was everywhere it might be harder for you to remember a time before there was a Mario. But it is easier for you to remember a time when video games and the internet was not a combined item.


While there have always been video games that were able to be connected by a network cord and be played by several different people, it did not become mainstream until about ten years ago. It was probably more like fifteen years ago if you want to make the argument that games like unreal tournament on the PC were the first to make the phenomenon famous. And while that was true, the desire to play video games on the internet did not hit the mainstream until you were able to do it on a console system. While PC systems have their die hards, console systems such X Box, Playstation, Dreamcast, and Nintendo are a lot more popular way to play video games. And when you had the ability to play games through the internet on these devices the popularity of the phenomenon shot through the roof.

But there was also another phenomenon that shot up as well when this happened. On the PC side of things you have a group of people who are called trolls. Trolls are a group of people that just like to mess up the online experience for everyone. And those same trolls came over to the console side of things as well. They brought their love of disaster and mayhem making when it comes to online play to the console and now anyone who uses X Box live are familiar with these types of players.

And when you are dealing with these trolls as an adult it can be a bad experience. But when you are a kid playing on these types of systems it can be even worse. They are subjected to a lot of name calling, swear words, and racist bigotry that they are probably not used to dealing with. That is why as their parent you must talk to them about what is going on and also make sure that they are playing age appropriate games. You really have to make sure that they are not playing rated mature games. Those level games are the ones that really attract that type of behavior.

You also have to warn your kids about the predators that will lurk on kid related games to try and stalk them. Remember to tell them that if they hear any adult voice online while they are playing a kid game that they should get off right away. There are a lot of online games that are targeted to kids and there is no reason why an adult should be on any of them. If they are on the system you should report them right away. And that is also a good reason why you should be monitoring your child while they play these types of games. You never know what they are going to run into.

When it comes to online games and your kids you have to make sure that you keep an eye out on what they are doing. If you do not then you might find out that they are learning more than you want them to online. And for younger kids it may even be worth getting them their own special browser so they can play games in a more secure environment.

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