Keep Track Of Any Software That You Have Released To Make Sure That It Has Not Fallen Into The Wrong Hands

The software industry is booming right now. With all of the devices that are out there right now there are plenty segments in the market for people to be able to make a living writing software. And with the new modern day easy to use tools, it is easier than ever to get yourself in the world of software. But you have to remember that it is hard work and that there is a lot that you have to learn to be able to do software. But if you are willing to put in the time and the effort then there should be no stopping in you in trying to get in the world of software development.


But even though it is easier than ever to be able to develop software these days, there is also more work involved. There are other factors that you have to worry about than just the software. There is more to being a software developer than just slinging code around. One of the factors that you have to deal with more now than you did in the past is the fact that you have to worry about the security of your product. You have to make sure that the product that you ship out does not have any holes in it and it is able to survive an attack laid out by black hat hackers. And if somehow your program does fall into the hands of black hat hackers and fails the tests, then you have to be ready to make sure that you are willing to go back and plug in any holes that might have been found. Black hat hackers are using the holes that are in software to get in the machines these days. And there are plenty of holes to be found.

One trick that the bad guys like to do these days is to take the software and place little extra files in it. They do not necessary crack the software itself. They just add extra files to the download and when someone comes around looking for the software, they download it and the extra files. And then when the extra files are clicked that is when everything goes crazy on the system for the end user. Some like to think that this happens only to people who pirate software and that they deserve what they get but that is not the case. This happens to a lot of people who think that they are getting the software from a legit place online and it turns out that it is not. Not everyone is computer savvy and there are many ways to be able to trick people. With a good designer anyone is able to make a website look like it is an official representative of any software company.

But problems like this do not just happen to the big boys of the software industry. They happen to the small fish as well and that is why if you release software you have to be aware of the problem. Since some people were tricked into downloading the software they might think that it is something that you did and not someone pretending to be you. The next thing that you know it is your name and your software that is in the mud. This can all happen because some black hat hacker decided to use your software as part of his attack vector.

So just remember that if you want to be serious about the software that you create you must make sure that it stays safe. And if you find out that a black hat hacker is using it to create a problem for users then give out a warning to make sure you alert people. And also tell the proper authorities.

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