Kate Gosselin, Twitter And The Alleged Hacker Bodyguards

Mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, last week seemed to get rather friendly with some unlikely potential protectors on Twitter – a pair of alleged hackers. She became involved in a short conversation with @AnonymOusNL and @MadBritishGuy who had claimed they had hacked some of the reality star’s critics.


It all started when Gosselin tweeted the following on Thursday (sharing some Valentine love perhaps?) –

to which @AnonymOusNL (Twitter has a problem displaying this account right now – banned perhaps?) replied,

“Have a very nice day <3 And if needed we you can contact us anytime.”

Kate then had to remind the pair of the type of audience (129,000+ followers) she has on Twitter, some of which weren’t overly positive about her new ‘friends’ –

Whether such conversation is harmless or irresponsible, and whether it will enhance or damage any future career she may have, is something only time will tell but one thing thats certain in my mind is that it will definitely have given her fans (and haters) something to talk about for quite some time!!!

photo: accidentalpaparazzi

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