Kaspersky Show Why You Shouldn’t Judge Software By Its Country Of Origin

There has always been a little skepticism from people when it came to dealing with other countries.

Even when countries are not actively at war with each other, they can still have a serious distrust of one another.

This has not stopped in the digital age.

Due to the fact that some people are scared of hacker activity, they will not do business with other nations.


There are certain countries that are on everyone’s radar, e.g. countries like Nigeria.

If you watch the news then I am sure that you have heard of the Nigerian email scam.

That is when you get an email from someone in Nigeria telling you that they have money in the states that they need for you to pick it up and then they also need your help in transferring it.

They send you a check and you send them the cash and the next thing that you know, the check bounces.

If you live in Nigeria and you are an honest businessman then it will still be hard for you to do business outside of your country because of this reputation.

There are other countries that have developed a bad reputation as well because of a small amount of their citizens.

Let’s take a look and see if you should truly be frightened of them.

Russian Company Kaspersky Offer Quality Software

Russia is a country where there are a lot of people who are highly skilled in Math and also have a lot of technical prowess; at least they have a higher percentage than most of the other countries out there.

Because of this, and their bad economy, Russia has been a hub of criminal cyber activity.

Russia and several of the other countries in what was known as the Soviet Union is where a lot of hacker activity originates from.

This makes it hard for legitimate tech businesses to do well there since they already have a mark against them.

People do not trust them because of where they come from.

There have been several security companies that have been able to defend themselves against such a stereotype.

One of the biggest antivirus vendors around is a Russian company.

It is known as Kaspersky and they are considered to have some of the best software around.

If you were to rule them out just because of what country they come from then you might be missing out on very good software to use on your computer system.

China also has the same problem.

A lot of hackers groups come from China and people are weary when doing tech business with them.

They will go to China to buy cheap physical products but they are scared to purchase software from them.

Companies are scared that the Chinese government with try to steal their secrets and put a back door in the software that one of China’s companies tries to sell them.

If you let where the software comes from, and not the quality of the product, dictate whether you purchase it or not then you will miss out on a lot of good software.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Andrew Rice says:

    Whilst software should not be”judged” by it’s country of origin, it should be taken into consideration as a risk factor and whether you trust it or not. You do not mention other countries which actively work with software developers to protect national interests. Backdoors have been found in security software and appliances and a lack of quality leading to insecure implementations have been found, particularly in low cost SOHO NAS appliances. Whilst not a malicious implementation, they are easily compromised and turned into zombies for botnets. I like Kaspersky;s products but as I work globally, I would test them further in some implementations. Remember the maxim “trust but verify”.

    • You make some good points there Andrew and I do know what you mean. I could highlight where you said, “Whilst software should not be”judged” by it’s country of origin, it should be taken into consideration as a risk factor and whether you trust it or not.” and point out that the backdoors, etc that you mention aren’t confined just to the countries that some people may expect – even the ‘respectable’ nations allegedly get involved in such practices, including governments!


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