Kaspersky Release CapperKiller – New Banking Trojan Tool

Kaspersky have just released a new tool which I hope you don’t need – CapperKiller. This small utility (less than half a meg in size) is designed to seek out and destroy one particular threat – a banking trojan named Win32.Capper.


As you can see in the screenshot above it can also restore proxy settings that may have been altered by malicious software.

To take advantage of this tool head over to Kaspersky’s utility page and download as a .exe or zipped file and run it. No configuration is needed at all but you will be asked to close any open browsers before proceeding. The utility will then search your hard drive(s) and removable storage for Capper as well as any network storage you may specify. The application doesn’t require installation and is small so you can stick it on a USB drive and take it with you.

After using the tool protect yourself further by installing your favourite antivirus program or internet security program and ensure you keep it updated.

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