Kaspersky – Qualcomm Deal Will See Security Preloaded On Snapdragon Android Devices

If you’ve ever bought a new computer from a store then there is a good chance that you have found a trial version of a security product already installed on it. Companies such as Symantec and McAfee have had deals in place for years that see them place their software on machines and then prompt users to pay for an upgrade when the free period runs out.

Now we are beginning to see the same sort of deals appear on mobile devices as Kaspersky, who already have an agreement with Lenovo, make a similar deal with Qualcomm that will see their security apps installed on some new Android devices.


Manufacturers of smartphones and tablets that use Snapdragon processors will be offered special terms in return for preinstalling Kaspersky’s Mobile Security and Tablet Security apps. These two apps retail for $15 and $20 respectively.

“In Kaspersky Lab, we have a solid number of global companies we work with, and Qualcomm Technologies will be one of the most important among them. We are looking forward to providing solutions to a wide range of device manufacturers, who are designing and/or building Snapdragon-enabled mobile devices or tablets running on Android.”
Eugene Kaspersky

How exactly this will work is unclear at the moment – the apps could be embedded into the firmware which will make them tricky to remove – or simply installed in the more traditional sense which may see them have a short life if users decide to migrate to some of the more popular Android security apps such as Lookout which itself is getting bundled with some T-Mobile handsets.

If you should happen to buy an Android device with a version of Kaspersky’s mobile security on it would you use it or swap it out for something else?

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