Kaspersky Kidnapper Gets 4.5 Years In Jail

Alexei Ustimchuk, a former captain in the Federal Security Guard Service, has today been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for his role in the kidnapping last year of Ivan Kaspersky, son of Kaspersky Lab founder Eugene.

Ivan Kaspersky, who was a 20 year old student at the time, was kidnapped in north-west Moscow back in April 2011. The group behind his kidnapping them made a ransom demand of 3 million Euros from his father. The situation was resolved five days later without any loss of life.

Ustimchuck was tried separately to his alleged co-conspirators in a military court. According to said prosecution Ustimchuck was involved in the preparation work for the kidnap. He bought three cars and numerous mobile phones which, presumably, were for use in the crime. He confessed to his role in co-organising the abduction and arranged a plea deal with prosecutors which saw him sentenced for abduction and extortion. Having already server a year and a half in prison he could be eligible for parole in another eighteen months.

The other alleged kidnappers – Seymon Gremov, Nikolai Savelyev and his son – have not been tried yet but could receive a sentence of up to fifteen years in jail should they ultimately be convicted.

Suggestions that the kidnapping may have had some relation to Kaspersky’s competitors have been dismissed.

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