Kaspersky Anti-Virus

With the ever increasing number of threats on the internet, one needs to make sure that they have the right protection.

However, with hundreds of Anti-virus software vendors and products around, how do you make the right choice?

Well, as with many products and services, the answer to that is quite subjective and may vary between people due to their own requirements and conditions, but some evaluation can be made based upon certain parameters and their efficiency.


This is obviously one of the major issues. If an anti-virus program is able to trace even the minutest of threats to your system then it could be classified as being efficient. However, at the same time, it should not be overly aggressive in nature such that it defines day to day software as being of threat. Kaspersky in this regard shows a very balanced approach. It gives notifications about all possible threats detected, and asks you for further action. Furthermore, these notifications are not so frequent as to become an annoyance. However, an option such as ‘apply to all’ could have helped a little more. It does support a feature of making an action a rule for similar threats but for some reason this particular aspect is not all that effective.


With hundreds of new viruses launched onto the net every day, the Anti-virus software providers need to match the pace by finding solutions for them and updating the software at extremely regular intervals. In that respect, Kaspersky scores really well against some other competitors as it releases updates virtually every day.


Kaspersky comes with all the expected features of an anti virus software, such as real time scanning, a firewall, updates, backups etc. Additionally, it is packed with certain other features like a Mail Anti-virus, Rootkit scan, Startup objects scan, Critical areas scan, protection while using IM clients etc which add to your repertory. These features not only make the software more versatile but also a lot more user friendly. Thus this is one key area where Kaspersky scores over others.


Kaspersky comes with a decent interface which is neat and well organised. Its notifications allow you all the essential actions thus leaving few things to be desired.


The settings pertaining to the functioning of the software often play a big role in making it user friendly. Kaspersky gives you a a variety of options here too and has very flexible settings which enable you to tune it as per your requirements.


Fast action is what is expected from everyone and everything these days and Anti virus softwares are no exception. The time taken by the anti virus to perform large scans is often crucial. Kaspersky shows no remarkable difference in this regard when compared to some others in the market.

Resource consumption

Some Anti-virus programs, especially McAfee from my experience, hog system resources. Although Kaspersky is not exactly a light piece of software, it hardly affects system performance, except for during the update of it’s database, and scanning the startup objects. You can have it running in your system tray without noticeably affecting system performance.


Whilst compatibility with Windows Vista is a big plus point to Kaspersky, not having a version for Mac or Linux based operating systems may be an issue to some potential purchasers.

Overall Review and Views

Overall I would say Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a good purchase in terms of your internet security as it gives you very few reasons to complain and does it’s job effectively and in a user friendly manner. If you are running a machine with Windows then this is definitely one of the better internet security products available at this time.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. First off, I can’t emphasize the importance of the “right protection” at all times! Good article!

    For antivirus protection, I have grown to love Zone Alarm. It is also fairly popular, I never have any problems with it, and I believe that they use the Kapersky Anti-Virus “guts” for the anti-virus side of their package. (or at least it is licensed through Kapersky)

    I think the important thing is to MAKE SURE YOU ARE PROTECTED!!!!

    I once got a virus on my computer (years ago) and the only solution was to completely re-format everything and return the system to its “fresh-out-of-the-box) state! What a pain!!

    Always use protection people!

    • I agree, Zone Alarm is also a good product Jon. That would be the next one to review if I thought people might be interested.

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