Jeremy Clarkson Goes All Liam Neeson Over Hacked Twitter Account

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has, tonight, experienced what can only be described as a “Liam Neeson moment” following the hacking of his Twitter account.

Fortunately that relates to the film “Taken” rather than that other movie which involved an annoying kid and some alien that should never have been anywhere near such an iconic film series.


It all started this morning when Clarkson appeared to send out a tweet saying, “The Fastest Way To Lose BodyFat in (2)Weeks” which is obviously the now familiar diet spam that seems to crop up ¬†just about every time a celebrity has their social networking account hacked.

But the person or persons behind that message didn’t count on Jeremy being an ex-CIA¬†operative just like Neeson portrayed in the movie “Taken” –

And just in case you thought Clarkson had deluded himself into thinking he was a younger, better looking Irishman than what he really is, he reiterated his desire to do something in revenge.


Like buy a plane ticket to China by the sounds of it –

Twitter hackers : YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

photo: karen in toronto

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