Jeep Sold To Cadillac? No, Just Another Twitter Hack

Are you a fan of the Jeep brand? If so, you may follow them on Twitter and be familiar with how their account normally looks –


But if you happened to check them out a little earlier then you may have noticed something a little strange about their Twitter page and how it announced their sale to Cadillac –


But of course it isn’t true in the slightest and is in fact yet another Twitter hack which looks remarkably like the one that affected Burger King yesterday and their apparent sale to arch rival McDonalds. Again, just like yesterday’s shenanigans with the Burger King account, less than complimentary comments were posted whilst the account was out of Jeep’s control.

As for who is behind this hack, no-one yet knows but, just like yesterday, the following tweet may or may not be a clue:

Irrespective of who was responsible and what their possible motives could be, I would imagine several big brands on the social network may now be checking their accounts on quite a regular basis to see if they are the next victims.

Jeep, however, are now thankfully back to normal –

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