It’s A Trap! How To Test Firefox And Chrome Phishing Protection

If you use one of the more popular web browsers then it is likely that it has phishing protection built in as this has been a popular feature for a few years now. But, assuming you have never navigated to a web page that is suspected of being a phishing scam, how would you know whether it really was protecting you or not?

Well, if you are a Firefox or Chrome user then both have test pages you can visit in order to familiarise yourself with what you would see if you ever did stumble upon a phishing scam web page.

For Firefox visit

Its a trap!

and if you browse the net with Chrome then you’ll need to head over to

Chrome phishing protection

Both browsers maintain their anti-phishing features by comparing web addresses against a database of known scam web sites. If you see such a warning then do heed it.

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  1. Wasnt aware of these pages, passing this info on.

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