Italian Sites Defaced In Anonymous #OpVaticano

The fact that a new Pope has recently been elected has put Catholicism firmly into the forefront of the news. And whats newsworthy almost always gains interest from all sorts of different parties and agendas. Enter Anonymous..

Here we have what could be construed as an #OpVaticano Mission Statement of sorts –

Greetings World.
We Are Anonymous.
We want to present the Operation Vatican.
During the history of the human beings, there always Existed religious beliefs.
This is the case of Catholicism.
Just as Anonymous Were forged in the fight against the Church of the Scientology, today we come together to show the world That the Catholic Church is a well of oligarchs That have nothing related to the Catholic faith.
Every day there are more cases of sexual scandals to Which is added the huge and dark heritage of Holy Mother Church.
What disappointment!
In a faith That preaches the fraternal love and the distribution of goods Between all the men.
We Want To Clarify That here we will not attack the Catholic faith, but if to the decrepit and corrupt leaders who Betraying Their Own Government That They preach principles and Their faithful parishioners.
For These Reasons and more, Begin the Operation Anonymous Vatican. We will hunt down the Representatives of the faith That not lead by example, who take advantage of the privileged Economic Situation of the church and who mistreated and abuse of children. Anonymous Brothers keep Informed through our channels for the Next Actions That We Will Carry out.
Francisco the first do not look for us, we will meet you. We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
You should have expected us


As part of #OpVaticano Anonymous have hacked and defaced a few Italian sites today –


– and left the defacement seen in the image above, along with some rather nice music it must be said.

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Do you think Anonymous have a legitimate issue with the Catholic Church or should religion be spared from hacking and defacements?

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