Is Your WordPress Installation And The Plugins That Go With It Up To Date?

WordPress is a piece of software that has become very popular over a short amount of time. It all started with the blogging craze that exploded a few years ago but now it is much more than that. Even though the personal blogging craze died down, WordPress still remains one of the most highly regarded downloads in the world. And that is because WordPress has gone beyond just being a Blogging platform. Now you can set up any type of site that you want with WordPress.


But there is another reason why WordPress is so popular. That is because it is very easy to use. The average person has a problem being able to post their data to the web and WordPress allows you to do that very easy. But not only does it allow you to post data to the web very easily, it allows you to add features to the WordPress installation to make it anything that you need to it be. And one thing that you need WordPress to be is safe. And you can do that with the extra plugins that are available to download for it and also making sure that you keep the installation up to date.

Yes, the developers of WordPress have a very aggressive update schedule for the software. Since so many people who use it are what you would consider not highly technical it needs to be upgraded on a regular basis to keep these people safe. And not only does it need to be upgraded; the upgrade process needs to be easy. And for the most part it is. But that does not mean that everyone upgrades their WordPress installation like they need to. No, most of the people out there are very lazy when it comes to their WordPress installation and they might be more than two to three versions behind.

And there is a real danger there because of the open source nature of WordPress. The open source nature of WordPress allows people to be able to see the source code that runs the WordPress installation. That means that they have the time and the ability to be able to see the different ways that they can exploit the installation. But that also means the good guys have the time to fix any holes that may be in the installation as well. But you can only get to fixes to the problem if you keep the installation upgraded at all times.

But it is also not the main WordPress installation that needs to upgraded as much as possible. It is also those security plugins that we talked about earlier. And not just the plugins that are related to security. All of the plugins that are needed in the WordPress installation need to be upgraded when you alerted. Do not let them just sit there and not go with any fix. A plugin that is vulnerable to a security attack will allow your entire blog to be vulnerable as well.

So when it comes to using WordPress you can rest assured that it is software that is both easy to get started with and also easy to use at the same time. But you should also rest assure that you need to maintain it as well. If you do not then you will find that you will have a lot of security holes that have accumulated over time.

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