Is Your Website Responsible For The Actions Of A Black Hat Hacker?

Creating a web site is one of the joys of the internet. You are able to express yourself and the world has full access to be able to see it for themselves. There are very few other mediums that allow you to do this. While you can get an independent radio station and broadcast whatever you want on there, you are still limited by the distance that you can transmit. And you can probably create a TV show and broadcast on public access, but again you are still limited by how many people can see it. That is not the case with the internet. Almost every day we see something simple that someone at home made go viral around the world because it was fun and entertaining.


But you can probably do that with someone else service like YouTube or Facebook. That is true but there is one big exception. That big exception is that with having your own web site you are in control. You decide what you do and what you do not post. With Facebook and Youtube they can decide at anytime to pull your content down. But with your own web site you are master and commander. As long as it is legal in the country you are dwelling you can place whatever you want on the site.

While being responsible for your own site is great, it does entail some problems. The old saying goes that “freedom is never free”. And that goes with owning a web site as well. There are some items that you have to deal with before you can say the web site is ready to go. One of those items has to deal with computer security.

While you may not be the most technically adept person in the world when it comes to computers, you still have to deal with computer security. If not you exactly then you have to pay someone else to deal with it. Computer security is a very important part when it comes to owning a web site. It is not only you who has to worry if their web site is exposed to the bad guys. It is the people who visit your web site as well. If your web site is known to infect your customers then there is no chance that they are going to want to come back no matter how good your product is.

But you have one problem that is bigger than that. What happens if the people who visit your web site do get infected? And what if that infection destroys their computer? Or at least makes them lose important files that they had on there? Are you responsible for the destruction because the malware was hosted on your web site? Are you going to have to go to court because some of the visitors to your web site are going to want to sue you?


For the most part, no. This is especially true if you have a good term and condition policy in place on your web site. But there have been times when website owners have been successfully sued because their web site was breached by the bad guys. And they were successfully sued because they paid no attention to the security details of their web site. They took no precautions to make sure that everything was stable and that the bad guys would not be able to get in. If you can show that you tried to have a good faith effort to stop the bad guys from getting in then no one can fault you if they do. Black hat hackers are a wily bunch and no one can expect for every website owner out there to be able to keep up with them. But if you owned a web site and did nothing when it came to security then you could expect for your customers to be mad and for there to be trouble brewing.

If you do not know what you are doing when it comes to tech and running a web site then your best bet for security is to make sure you run it on a managed host. A managed host will take care of all the little details for you. They will make it easy for you to administer to the website, even the security details. If you do know what you are doing and you want to run your own web server then you should feel free to do so. You just have to remember to make sure you keep it locked down so the bad guys are not able to get in there.

When you have a website, security is very important. So make sure you it is one of the primary things on your mind when you place a website online.

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