Is Your Password Generator Really Generating Random Passwords?

Some people do not like making decisions. It is just not in their nature. While at some point everyone has to make a decision in their life, some people prefer if they didn’t have to at all. They either do not want to make the wrong decision their responsibility or they feel as if they have bad instincts and cannot be trusted. No matter what the problem is, some people like to use another way out rather than make the decision on their own.


For a lot of the common problems we have in life, we have software that will help us. No matter what problem you can think of, there is most likely software that was built to address it. This is true even when it comes to the creation of passwords. There are a lot of people out there who use a password generator because they feel that it will come up with a more secure password than they could. This has really been spurned on by the recommendation of security experts everywhere to always a use a password that is random and doesn’t make sense to the average eye.

The main place that random software generators are used is in the enterprise. A system administrator has so many computers that he has to look out for that he cannot take the time to come up with passwords for all of them. So he will take some piece of software and use that to come up with the password. This makes sense since he doesn’t want to be doing that particular job all day long.

The problem of this and the use of other password generators is that if you become targeted by black hat hackers then they may be able to sniff out your passwords. If they find out what password generator you use, then they would be able to figure out the code that creates the random passwords.

Even though it may not seem like it, it is very hard to create randomness on a computer. That is because with most functions that create simulated randomness, you have to seed it. Some programs seed it with a time stamp; some seed it with other numbers. But no matter what, there has to be a seed to determine how to start the random actions. If a black hat hacker is able to figure out the seed then they are a step closer to figure out the program itself.

This is mainly only a problem if you are targeted. Random password generators are great for overall general security.

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