Is Your Home Network Just Messing Up Or Are You Under Attack?

If you are young then you might have made the mistake of thinking that the internet has always been accessible to everyone. That is not true. As a matter of fact it has only been for the past 6 or 7 years where this many people have had the internet. And if you look at the facts and numbers, a majority of the population still does not have access to the internet. If you look at a country like China, it has a population of over 1.6 billion people. Out of all those people only 500 million or so have the internet in their homes. That is a lot of people but that also means that over 1 billion people in that country alone do not have the internet. That is a huge amount of people to not have access to one of the great communicators of our time.

But the internet capabilities alone are not the only reason why so many people have it in their homes now. It is also the way that you are able to easily access it no matter where you go. In the past if you wanted to use the internet you had to sit at a desk somewhere and be content. But these days with the power of wireless, you are able to use the internet wherever you want to. You can use it on the go with the use of a laptop or your mobile phone, or you can use anywhere that you want to at home with the power of your home router and the network that you set up there. And that is what we are going to talk about today. The topic is the power of your home network and how it can be helpful to you and how it can be really harmful to you if you do not know what to look for.


While having a home network setup is very convenient it can also cause you a lot of problems that you never thought you would have. The router companies try their best to make it easy for you to be able to set up your own home network without any help but the fact is that it can be very complicated and full of words that you have never heard of before. And so if anything deviates from that simple setup it can mean that you are in trouble and you will either not have a working network or you will set up the network so that it is not safe.

That is why you must be careful when you are using your home router. If you did not set it up the right way there is a number of things that can happen to you. If you did not set the passwords and username up right for access to the router itself you can be letting your neighbors dictate the settings on your system. And if you did set up some form of encryption on your router set up then that means you will be letting anyone who wants to have access to your internet. And that means that they can do whatever they want and you will be blamed for it.

So the next time that your system is glitching and it seems like the internet is acting up again, you should check the security settings on your router. Make sure that it truly is only a glitch and that you do not have a security issue at hand.

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