Is Your Hardware Or Software Security At Risk Because Of Back Doors?

When we use the latest gadget or the latest software product from some company we put our trust in the product that it will not harm us in some way.

This is the only way that our system can continue to work.

Companies that are not careful or that abuse our trust are usual voted out of the marketplace.

This is done by people not purchasing their products anymore.


Back Doors

Recently there has been a big deal made about companies selling products that have back doors in them.

If you are the one purchasing these items from a company, then that can cause you to lose a great deal of trust.

I will discuss in this article what exactly a back door is and why some companies put them into their products.

So let’s go over what exactly a back door is.

When you create hardware, if the item is in any way electronic, then you must create code that tells the item what to do.

The same thing goes with software.

If you want the software to perform a particular task, then it must be told what to do.

Again the way that you do this is by code.

So when a company decides to put a back door into a product, what they are doing is telling the code to let them have a way in, anytime that they feel like it.

So if you have items on a server that you want to keep protected, there is no way that it will be a hundred percent secured since someone else has a way in.

This is why people, especially guys that are heavily into security, have a problems with back doors on any piece of software or hardware that they use.

There are several reasons why a company would put code such as this in their products.

Why Have A Back Door?

They either are a crooked company, they feel that they need to so that they are able to fix the product anytime that it is needed, or the government has asked them to.

If a company is putting back doors in their products for nefarious reasons, then they will be caught and run out of the market place.

If they are putting one in because they need it to help the product, then a case could be argued for that.

It is not a great excuse but it seems reasonable.

And if the government wants a back door into their product, then they should warn the consumer first.

Too many companies are asked by the government to perform this activity and they tell nobody.

Then a hacker finds the back door, and all of the sudden they are hit with serious questions, not to mention potential problems.

If you have any concerns about your hardware or software having back doors in it, then do a little research of your own.

If the company has a history of doing it with their products before, you can be fairly certain that they will do it again.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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