Is Your Digital Life Safe From The Bad Guys Of The Web?

Each day that goes by we are putting more and more of ourselves online. At first when the web was created and used by the masses, the only thing that was online about us was our name and maybe our home address. Then we started to put more data about ourselves online such as our pictures and our birthdays. Then when social media started to bloom we put even more of ourselves online. So much so that now a lot of us are storing every piece of memory and memento of ourselves online. And while that is not necessarily a bad thing, if you do not remember that all of that data is digital and you need to treat as such you will be in for a rude awakening. You will find out that there are a lot more holes in the web than you thought there were and that having your data in online storage is not as convenient as you thought.


But if you listen to the pundits talk these days, you would think that everything that you own should be stored on the web. This is the purpose of the cloud that you keep hearing about these days. The whole purpose of the cloud is that everything that you do on your local computer now can be done on the cloud instead. But when you are dealing with the cloud and any other type of web service you have to remember that you still need to be careful. You still have to remember that you are dealing with a lot of bad guys on the web and that any one of them would love to be able to get into your personal data and be able to steal it all. And while some would do it for the profit and others would do it just for a little fun.

There has been an interesting news story going around with just this very thing happening. There was a reporter for a very popular magazine that had all of his information online erased. They were able to attack his mobile phones, his computer, and every other thing that he had online. Every picture that he had of his daughter growing up, every vacation that they took, and all of his personal information was gone just because of the whim of some black hat hacker. And the worst part about it is that it was not done in a very technical manner. The black hat hacker was able to take and destroy all of his data through social engineering alone. So this means that anyone who knows how to talk on the phone would have been able to do an attack just like this.

And this is not the only case of something like this happening. It happens all of the time. How do you think that people are able to get pictures of these naked celebrities all of the time. They do that because their data is stored in the cloud and it is not protected as much as it should be. By both the company that is storing the data and the users themselves.

That is why you have to be very careful when you are dealing with anything that stores your data on the web. While it is a great way to store and backup your data, you should still have a way where you can back that data up locally as well. And you should also remember that if you have anything that is very important or very embarrassing then maybe you should think twice about putting it on the web.

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