Is Your Device Sending Out Emails Without Your Knowledge?

If you are a person who just uses the computer for normal, casual tasks then it might be hard for you to hunt down problems that might be happening. Even if you are a person who uses the computer for work all of the time, you still might not know what is going on behind the scenes of your machine. As a matter of fact there is a pretty good chance that you do not know what is going on. There is only a small population of people on earth who have a very thorough knowledge of how computers work and can detect the problems that are going on behind the scenes.


One of the things that you might not know is whether you have background processes running in the background of your computer. While you are able to see the front tasks that are running most people have no clue that the computer is running other processes behind the scenes as well. There are hundreds of different tasks going on in your computer at any one time so there is a good reason why you ignore the background. If you tried to pick up on everything that is going on in the background of your computer you would drive yourself crazy.

And the bad guys hope for that very scenario to happen. They want you to not worry about the background processes of the computer so that they can use your system anyway that they desire to. And these days that is what most malware is about. When someone is trying to get into your machine these days without you knowing they usually have one of two goals, to get your personal information or to use your machine while you are not aware of it. There is a lot of money to be made in turning someone’s computer into a zombie computer so black hat hackers try to find as many victims as they can.

One of the types of attacks that use the background process of a computer without the owner’s knowledge is the sending of emails. While sending emails may not seem to be really a threat, in reality it can be. The bad guys use email for all sorts of devious purposes. One of the main reasons why they send an email is to deliver spam to email addresses all across the world. When you deliver spam you cannot do so through traditional means because the email provider does not want to get blacklisted. So people who need to send spam use out of the box thinking to do so. And one of these out of the box methods is to sign up to use a black hat hackers line of zombie computers to send the emails. That way they get the message across without having to worry about being banned.

While spam is the number one reason why zombie computers are used to send emails, another reason is probably a little more sinister and almost just as popular. The other reason why the bad guys use zombie computers to spread emails is so that they can deliver emails that have malware in them. Again they want to be able to get by any filters that might be put in front of them so they deliver the messages this way. They also use tricks like sending the emails to the person’s whose computer it is friends list. That way they are already able to get past any filters because the friend has been whitelisted.

The bad guys will try to turn your own computer against you by using it to send corrupted email. That is why you need the latest security tools to prevent trouble like this.

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