Is Windows 7 Easier To Manage In Terms Of Security When Compared To Other Operating Systems?

Windows 7 has proven to be the gem operating system to come out of Microsoft.

They took the time and really listened to what people were saying when it came to the older operating systems; they have really tried to improve things with Windows 7.


There was a lot to not like about Windows Vista and it seems that Microsoft took the criticism to heart.

The one thing that people really detested about Windows Vista was the fact that the controls to protect the operating system were really not that user friendly.

Some of the vital controls for security protection were so non-user friendly that people would simply just turn them off rather than deal with them anymore.

The UAC system was a real victim of that.

Now, however, the security aspect of Windows 7 is easier to use than ever.

Is Windows 7 A Better Option Than The Competition When It Comes To Managing Security?

There are two other operating systems that a significant number of people use instead of Windows these days.

You have the Mac OS X operating system and the Linux operating system.

While both of these operating systems have a very small share of the computing user market, they have enough of a share that when their users are happy, people notice.

They have more than enough share of the market to be considered more than just a fringe group.

With that being sad, if you are a user of those operating systems then of course you will find it easier to manage security settings than people who do not use them.

The same thing can be said about Windows 7 as well.

What about people who are new to all of the operating systems on the market though?

Which system would be easier for them to manage?

You would probably have to take Linux out of the equation since most of the security settings are set by command line, meaning that you would have to type the commands in.

Even though a computer geek does not mind, most people moved away from command line operating systems in the late 80’s and early 90’s for a reason –┬áCommand line is just not user friendly.

Now you have to discuss the usability factor of OS X.

While it is a very good rival to Windows 7 and in many ways surpasses it, it does not go into as much detail as Windows 7 does.

And since the operating system is based on BSD, if you want to get into more detail in regards to controlling the security of the system then you again would have to go into command line.

Security has not been a real concern for OS X since it does not yet have the penetration problems that Windows has had in the past.

Since Microsoft has had to learn the hard way about security, they were able to take all that they learned and integrate it with Windows 7.

If you want to find an operating system that will be able to withstand the threats outside of it and still be easy to control then Windows 7 is the one to look out for.

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