Is Two Factor Authorisation Needed For Your Website?

You are proud of your website and you have done everything that you can to make sure that it beats out the rest of the competition. You have state of the art features such as a sliding photo array, up to date CSS, and many more features that will help your website both work and look good. But have you done everything that you can to make sure that your website is one of the best around? Is there anything that you might have looked over? There is a good chance that there is something that you looked over and I can most likely guess what you did look over. And that one thing that you looked over is the security on your website.

2 factor authorisation

Yes, so many people take for granted the fact that they do not have to worry about the security of their website. But if you are not going to worry about it then who is? All you are doing is leaving yourself open to the bad guys when they finally come to attack. And how are you going to explain to your users when that happens. Are you going to tell them that you had the chance to stop the bad guys and you didn’t? No, you probably are not and you are most likely to try and clean up the aftermath of the damage that the bad guys cause.

One of the ways that you want to look at securing your website is worrying about the security of the login system. The login system of your website is the front door of your site. And it is also the front door of where the bad guys are going to come in at. When they attack that is the first place they are going to look at. And so that should be the first place you secure when you are looking at making your website better.

One of the ways you should look at making your website better is two factor authentications. If you have anything of importance on your site then this is definitely an idea that you should really think about. But just in case you do not know what two factor authentication is, let me describe it to you. Usually when you log into a website you just have to use the username and the password. And that is fine for the most part but it can also be broken into. It really depends on the implementation of the login system whether it can be broken easily, but someone can actually get inside if they really try. But with two factor authentication it becomes harder. Because now you are not just dealing with a username and a password, you are dealing with a third variable. Now you are dealing with an extra verification method. And that method could be to call the person, have a USB token, have a picture that they have to identify and a number of other things. Basically what it comes down to is that if a person wants to break through the login system they have to learn more about the target.

So if you have a website and you want it to be more secure, then two factor authorization might be the way to go for you. Not all websites need it but there are a lot out there that do. And maybe your site is one of them.

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