Is Tupac Shakur Really Dead?

Tupac Shakur (1971-1996) was a rap artist who was apparently killed in a drive-by shooting.

Thirteen years later, however, doubts over his death still linger amongst some of his fans and conspiracy theorists alike.


The murder remains unsolved to this day, though there have been many possible theories put forward.

One such theory suggests that Tupac was killed by a rival rapper whilst a second suggests that an FBI agent in his entourage may have encouraged him to leave his bullet-proof vest off on the fateful day.


The thinking behind that theory is that the FBI may have known that a ‘hit’ was coming and allowed it to happen due to their dislike of Tupac’s mother, a member of the Black Panther Party.

The most enduring theory, however, is that Tupac faked his own death as he had had enough of being shot at.

Some people believe that Tupac entered a witness protection program, had plastic surgery, and then disappeared.

‘Evidence’ for Tupac being alive includes the fact that eight albums of his material were released after his death – prolific work indeed for somebody who had expired.

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There was also the album, ‘The Don Killuminati : The 7 Day Theory’, released whilst Tupac was alive but under the psuedonym of Makaveli.

Rearranging the letters in the album’s title can produce a phrase – ‘Ok on the 7th u think I’m dead yet I’m really alive’. (Tupac was shot on the 7th and died 7 days later)

Is this evidence that he faked his own death or do you believe that Tupac really is dead?

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  1. bc RICH says:

    Yes he did. For the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ms.Noel says:

    You people are being blinded and dump too of course, How could yall believe he’s alive this is a LIE people. If Tupac was into Christ he wouldn’t be dead right duh. If I was yall I would refuse to believe that crap junk. for real no joke because this is insane people.

    • Ms. Noel,

      Tupac ain’t dead! Sug was quoted the other week saying ” I don’t think Pac’s dead” I think he would know!!

      As for pac being into christ and a christian YES HE WAS AND IS!!

      Your the one who needs to look deeper, much deeper……

      • What does him being christian or not have anything to do with him being dead or not? What, being christian makes him immortal..?

        People really need to start accepting the fact that he’s dead. He’s a legend, and we’ll always remember him. Stop trying to bring him back, it won’t work sonny.

        • Edward,

          You need to stop watching Dancing With The Stars an re runs of Little House On The Prairie, get with the real world.

          Heres a future news flash for you, Tupac Alive! Pac was tired of being shot and shot at by the thugs he was trying to expose through his music.

          You like some others live in a perfectly constructed box world that
          main stream dis-information media helped you construct, be brave open up your mind to other possibilities.

          I could go much deeper but, but I don’t want you to miss your favorite Strawberry Shortcake Episode.

  3. Listen to black haze!!! Anonymous rapper from the fl keys sounds just like 2pac

  4. Hey haters :p, Tupac is still alive and i am waiting for him in 2014. He aint no coward when he faked his death he did it for a reason, and I get butterflies because I know hes alive and coming back, <3 . I dont follow no illuminati , but i do follow Tupac, because he is rap , and without him, man .. what is rap?

    • I think that it is possible that Tupac may be alive, but unless he reveals himself pubicly, i refuse to believe one way or another. Besides, even if he is dead, rap is still great. As long as Eminem(best rapper period), Jay-z, Nas, and EpicLLoyd remain, rap will survive too.

  5. Bazz,

    You’ve got it right! And we have not heard the last of Tupac yet, he will be back
    just like Elvis and Michael, all these men shared one thing “They knew the Truth”.

    Its late in the day folks, humanity has been led down the brim rose path as they would say, all of us feel it, its almost like there’s a cosmic realignment happening, or as I like to believe God the Heavenly Father is preparing to set things right.

    Could you imagine the look on the faces of these Illuminati devils, when Elvis, Michael and Tupac come out and reveal themselves, and start talking the truth.
    everyone would pay attention to them!

    What ever the trump card is that these illuminati play, it will outshined by the truth!

    The day of reckoning is coming, perhaps humanity is on the doorstep now!


  6. first up 2pac was not a member of the illuminati, he was aware of the illuminati and of the power that they currently have and also the power they want to have, normally the saying goes ‘open ur eyes’ but in pacs case u should open ur ears he tells us enough times that things arent what they seem, secondly, faking his death to escape the illuminati makes him clever not a coward, if the only way to escape death is to fake death only a idiot would wait around in the limelight to be killed. lastly u cannot make the phrase ‘ok on the 7th u think im dead yet im really alive’ from the albums title, as hunter pointed out theres not enough l’s, as hunter didnt point out theres also no letter v, however add the letters from the word MAKAVELI and u will get a lot closer although theres still too many a’s n not enough e’s…………. until u change the spelling of one word, from the letters in MAKAVELI THE DON KILLUMINATI THE 7 DAY THEORY u can jiggle em about and get OK ON THA 7TH U THINK IM DEAD YET IM REALLY ALIVE. Not quite what was reported but close enough

  7. 2pac would fake his death because he had a lot of people making threats to murder him in cold blood. just listen to the song ain’t hard to find and it’s pretty obvious. he could’ve easily entered the wittiness protection program and order to do so his old identity has to be declared as deceased. People always act like just cause he was a star he couldn’t pull it off or wouldn’t wanna do it. Think about it if you made millions and had hits on you wouldn’t you just stop and get a new identity cause I know I would if I had a deffinite hits on me

  8. Rip

  9. 2pac is the best rapper ever ,he was a street soldier, a legendary hustler.RIP 2pac.

  10. Bianca Cervantes says:

    I believe Tupac is alive think about it. He was so rich and so liked the media rode his ass non stop, who wants that. Also his last album is “The Don Killuminati : The 7 Day Theory” Don Killuminati was a man a long time ago that faked his death. Why on earth would Tupac name his album that if he didn’t want to do it. Also they DIDNT have a funeral and they DIDNT bury his corpse. He was cremated, he also didnt have a autopsy and it is illegal for someone to be cremated without having a autopsy. Also rearrange the letters yourself and you will get the same thing.

  11. As far as rearranging the letters if the album The Don Killuminati : The 7 Day Theory to make the phrase “Ok on the 7th u think I’m dead yet I’m really alive” is retarded. Considering the fact that there’s not three L’s in the title. But there are some coincidences that I can’t explain. I wish Pac was alive and well but even if he is he probably would never come back. RIP tupac

  12. Damn, thus lucifer agent to hell with them, they don’t give a shit or care about us, it must be destroy, today or tomorrow. that’s what i’ believe, looser’s

  13. Billy jackson says:

    All u guys r way off the map with this tupac is still alive becuz unconditional love it’s off off greateast hits album came out in 96 after his fake death and that’s the only recording of the song so stop the bs tupac made a new era of hiphop respect that and bang his shit and let him educate us
    much love for u PAC we waiting for a bomb album soon

  14. Tupac is still alive. He already had these songs recorded before he faked his death, so when he did “die” he could move off and still make that money. You make more money as an artist once you die. I believe in the Illuminati, but i don’t believe they killed him.

  15. There is no “I think he’s alive,” he is 100%, no doubts or questions about it, dead. Basically, there’s nothing to debate here what so ever, Pac died September 13, 1996, and no one can change the past. All we can do is celebrate Pac’s life and his music, he was a genius and in my opinion, the greatest who ever lived. But Tupac Shakur really is, sadly, dead and gone.

  16. Dime/R.M says:

    I Really loved tupac and wishing he is still alive , he was the best rapper of them all his songs meanings were so beautiful as some werent but i think he is alive people , I think we gotta KEEP OUR HEADS UP MUCH LOVE !!!

  17. noone really know’s where tupac is!!! Yeah i strongly believe that he is alive.. But why he would fake his own death i will never know.. tupac is the world’s greatest rapper. He will alway’s live on..all i know is his fan’s would really like to know why he would fake his death!!!!!! Tupac we all love you and we want the truth… I am your biggest fan…

    • because tupac was never the same after he was shot the first time. Those close to him said he was severly paranoid and couldnt seem to move on past that particular event. Seeking revenge on everyone he thought was involved. I think that would be a good enough reason to fake ones own death, and a believeable death at that.

  18. JimmyWaters says:

    Tupac is alive, in our hearts. but even though i’d really want it, he’s not with us in person any more.
    R.I.P. Tupac, you will always be remembered.

  19. Yea i think tupac is stil alive but if u dont blieve hes alive then u aint a fan

  20. Tupac Faked His Death Bcuz He Was Part Of The Lllumanti and left it
    then he got shot but didnt die so now he moved to cuba

    • Why do you think that??

      • cause its true….

        • david socks says:

          actually he faked his death becuase he once said that he wants to quit rapping and get out of the lime light but the only way to run away from the is to fake his death!

          “As far as jealousy, being a celebrity, No matter who committed the crime, they all yell at me. And the media is greedier than most. You could sell em your soul and they’ll be on ya till a nigga’s a ghost. And everyday I read the paper, there’s another lie. They show my picture for the crimes of another guy.”

          … until a nigga’s a gohst” the only way to be a ghost is to die or fake your death!!!

          • david socks says:

            mistake correction: ….. the only way to run away from the MEDIA is to fake his death………..

        • dillionmilne says:

          tupacs a surviver hes alive

    • CUZBLOODTHUG says:

      Big difference illuminati and killuminati

  21. I like both Biggie n 2pac but in an honest opinnion if 2pac really did fake his death hes nothing but a coward.

    • ikr….but he did not want tew wordship the devil no more n once u in u cant get out if u try tew tell ppl bout it u will die….just lkke micheal jackson…he was in n did not want to do it no more….n try tew tell ppl…but he just lkke 2pac he fake he death…thts y u did not see his face….when he died…..n all this sutff is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 2pac couldnt have been in illuminati, in order to be IN it you must be from 1 of the 13 bloodlines, you can be a pawn but not a leader! tupac didnt even want to be a pawn so they turned on him. he may be alive he may be dead, only time will tell

  22. I lyk tupac’s music ; buh i aint realii a fan . Buh i think he,s alive aint no doubt in ma mind . If nine bullets didnt kilL 50 cent , five bullets aint qon’ do shit twu pac !



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