Is There Really A Shortage Of Security People And Just How Big A Problem Is That?

A few years ago, if you wanted to be guaranteed a job in an economy that held no guarantees when it came to jobs, then you got in the healthcare field. For some reason there was a huge shortage when it came to qualified healthcare professionals. So to solve that problem every trade school all of the sudden offered a nursing program. If you watched TV during the day all you would see is advertising for people to join the healthcare field and a lot of people took them up on that offer. And now all of the sudden the healthcare field is not as hot as it used to be because most of the positions have been filled.


The same thing is starting to happen to the tech field. There is starting to be a problem with the amount of people who are qualified to fulfill the tech jobs that are out there. There are not a lot of people out there who are qualified to do the work and, if they are qualified, then the people who are in charge when it comes to hiring are demanding that the people have a college degree to get the job. So with these demands contradicting each other, the sides are starting to collapse and now you are seeing where there are not enough people to fill in the jobs that are available out there. And there will probably not be enough people to fill the jobs in the immediate future.

It is even worse when you are talking about the computer security field. Cyber security is becoming a necessary field around the world and there are not enough people out there who can fill in the roles. Becoming someone who is specialized in cyber security is even harder than someone who is just becoming an IT guy or someone who is becoming a programmer. The reason why the computer security field is a lot harder is because it is a newer field and you are going against active opponents who are trying to take your system down or at the very least steal something from you. To battle that not only takes a lot of knowledge but it also takes a lot of experience because you need to be able to think on the fly. If you are not able to think on your feet when an attack is in the middle of happening then you can find yourself quickly overwhelmed and with the bad guys taking over.

So you might think that it is an exaggeration when you hear people talk on TV of it being a big problem that they are not able to get people. But in reality it really is a problem. You have to be able to get people with skills soon or you are going to fall behind when it comes to the tech race. And if you are a government then it is twice as important that you find people with the skills that are necessary to come work with you. We hear talk all of the time of the beginnings of a cyber war starting to happen. And we have seen a couple of things in the news lately that you can really start to believe the rumblings. So if you are a government that does not want to fall behind in the cyber war then you have to find the people in your country who are up to the challenge.

The shortage of people in both the tech field and cyber security in particular is a real problem. One that must be fixed soon.

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