Is The New Internet Explorer 9 Really As Safe As Firefox And Chrome?

Once again Microsoft is releasing a new browser to the world.

This time it is Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft was once on top of the browser world with the release of Internet Explorer 6 but they made the fatal mistake of letting the browser rest on its laurels and let other contenders take the mantle.

For a while they even stopped upgrading the browser except for the occasional security issue because they felt that there was no more that could be done.

We know now that it was not the case.

There have been many more advancements in browser technology over the past ten years and we will see even more with the addition of HTML 5 and CSS3.

And that is the main feature point of the new Internet Explorer 9 – they have really focused on getting HTML 5 and CSS 3 right.

Also lets not forget the much improved JavaScript engine that new browser has.

These days people are using the web less for just browsing content and more for using web apps and most of these web apps run on JavaScript.

This means that in order for Microsoft to be able to keep up they must have a browser that is able to run JavaScript not only fast but safe as well.

Microsoft finally felt that it was time that they introduced a new browser which fully implemented all the new standards that the other browsers on the market were going to have.

But while it may do that, does it compare to the other browsers when it comes to security?

how secure is Internet Explorer 9?

how secure is Internet Explorer 9?

The Iteration Of Security In Microsoft Browsers

Over the years the security of the browsers from Microsoft has gradually gotten better.

And that is the problem; it has been a gradual process.

It took a long time for Microsoft to realize that their security measures were not good enough when it came to their browsers.

And to make matters worse, people refused to upgrade from Internet Explorer 6.

And not only did Internet Explorer 6 have some serious security issues, it was also integrated into the operating system so well that a security flaw in the browser could infect the internals of the entire system.

While that is no longer the case the scourge of Internet Explorer 6 has lasted for almost ten years.

It just now down to a percentage that is manageable.

So now we will take a look at some of the things that have improved with this latest version of Internet Explorer 9 and we will see if it is able to rank up there with Chrome and Firefox when it comes to security.

How Secure Is Internet Explorer 9?

The first thing that Microsoft concentrated on when they were trying to increase the security of the browser is how it is able to detect malware.

While Internet Explorer 8 was the first Microsoft browser to take the problem seriously, Internet Explorer 9 has improved the process by leaps and bounds.

According to the NSS it was able to detect up to 99% of the malware that it encountered.

That is a number that is just as much or even better than the other browsers that are out there.

Microsoft has also improved the smart screen url filter that comes with the browser.

Whenever you download a file the browser will scan it and make sure that there is nothing malicious inside of it.

Not only that, it will also stop you from downloading files from known web sites that are dangerous.

It will pop up a warning to make sure that you want to download the file from that particular site.

This feature is known as their download reputation feature and it should prove to be very useful for people who have problems knowing which web sites to trust and which ones not to.

The new Internet Explorer 9 really tries to make sure that it gives you a warning about anything that you might do that is dangerous inside of the browser.

Microsoft has tried to play catch up in a big way and this time it looks like they are doing a good job.

Just as with the new Windows 7 operating system, they are making sure that everyone knows that security of the product is their number one priority.

As you can see the new Internet Explorer 9 has a lot of new features that will make it more secure than the other Microsoft browsers that are out there.

This new release puts them at the very least on par with the other browsers out on the market.

This is a long time coming from Microsoft.

For years people have been warned away from their browsers because of security issues and it really started to affect their market share.

They used to have almost 90% of the market space when it came to browsers but now they only have a little over 50%.

That is a big drop down in a few years especially when everyone is running your operating system.

They hope to be able to come back to the prominence that they once had.

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  1. I am sure that IE 9 will bring a lot of great features and make the whole web browsing experience easier and a lot more fun but I care a lot about my business security when going online and I wouldn’t want to compromise it with an unsecure browser. some ie based-on browsers are very good.such as avant browser ,maxthon

    • I can’t remember where it was now but I saw an article somewhere (it was a large and respected site I’m sure) yesterday that claimed IE9 was, in their opinion, the most secure browser of the moment.


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