Is The Java Programming Language Really That Unsafe?

If you are a software developer then you know that there are many different ways to build the programs that we use on our computers every day. If you are an outsider then there is a good chance that you believe that there is only one way to build software. Well you might have believed that until recently.


If you have paid attention to the news cycle lately then you might have heard that the Apple operating system has been under attack. While attacks like this are rare for Apple users they have been a common occurrence for people who use Windows for years. The people who used Apple computers used to boast about not having to worry about being attacked. Well those days are now long gone. The Apple share of the computer market is now quite sizeable. Sizeable enough where the bad guys are going to start making malware for both Apple and Windows based computers.

With this latest attack the culprit was in a third party component that ran on the system. This third party component is called The Java runtime and it is what allows Java based programs to be able to run on your computer. If you do not do any type of developing you are probably wondering why people use the Java software language. The reason why Java is so special compared to some of the other software languages out there is because you are supposed to be able to run it on any system that you choose. If you have a Linux box then you will be able to run it on there. If you have a Windows or Apple box then you would have the same results. When Java was first introduced to the world this was a rare occurrence.

But now there have been holes found in the Java runtime that affects the systems that it runs on. And not just this time. There have been many holes found in the Java runtime and Apple has been slow to patch their operating system against these holes. It is up to Apple because they use their own version of the Java Runtime.

So is Java as unsafe as the news is portraying? Not really, but it does have some security problems. Problems that must be dealt with or it will lose its popularity as a programming language.

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