Is The High Cost Of An Information Security Certificate Worth It In The Long Run?

In this life it pays to be an expert in something. It does not matter what you choose to be an expert in, well I guess it does if it is illegal, but it is nice to be an expert in something. Being an expert in something will help you along your path in life and it will also allow you to always be able to make an income in some form. Once you know how to do something really well, there is always going to be someone out there who will pay you to perform the service. While it might not be a skill that is highly in demand, there is someone in the world who will want you to perform it.


A lot of the skills that you can become an expert in just takes time and practice. You just need to be shown once how to do it and from there you can just take the time and become really good at it. But there are other skills out there that you need to go to school to learn how to do. It is not enough that someone was able to show you how to perform the activity; you also need to show that you went to school for that same said activity. If you do not then no one is going to trust you when you say you know how to perform the activity. Would you go to a doctor who you knew did not go to school to practice medicine? No you would not. If you were smart you would try to find someone who was a bit more qualified. There are times when a degree is a big indicator whether the person can do the job or not.

When you are talking about the world of computer security you are not talking about one such job. When you are dealing with people in the world of computer security, you are going to be dealing with all different types of people. Some of the people who you deal with will be ones that went to school and learned how to be computer security consultants. There will be others who went to school to learn something else such as computer science and they are now in the field of computer security. And there will be others who learned everything on their own and now they are working with people who did go to school and they are doing just as well as those same people. So that is why the question is whether the cost of going to school or taking some sort of class worth it when you are talking about trying to get in the world of computer security.

When it comes to computer security, if you feel the best way for you to learn the job is to go to school then that is what you should do. It does not matter if you can learn the subject yourself; you should still go to school. On the opposite end, if you feel like the best way that you learn is to do it on your own, then that is what you should do as well. Not everyone learns comfortably in a school environment so you should do what is more comfortable to you.

When you are trying to learn a skill, then you set yourself in the best way possible to learn that skill. You should not be worried about how someone else was able to learn that same skill. Once you do learn that skill then you will be able to show future employers what you do know and that will be the main thing that they care about.

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