Is The Government Being Able To Go Into Your Personal Services Like Email A Security Threat?

When you run a business on the internet, or if you are just a casual user of the internet then there are two lessons that you have to learn. You have to learn about personal responsibility and you have to learn to always watch your back. If you do not then you can find yourself in trouble very quickly. You always have to be on the watch out for people who are trying to abuse privileges on the internet. It doesn’t matter if it is yours or someone else’s. Because if you do not then you should be assured that the next time it will be you that has the problem.

Is The Government Being Able To Go Into Your Personal Services Like Email A Security Threat

One group that has to be regulated when it comes to the internet is the government. They like to say that they are creating rules to protect you but in reality they are made to protect lobbyist and also to make their jobs easier. If the problem was a security issue then whatever rule they were passing most people would be all for it. But sometimes they dress it up as a security issue but in reality it is a privacy issue. It doesn’t matter what government you are talking about, they all try the same thing. While some are of course worse than others, they will all try to abuse your privacy in the name of security in the long run.

There are people out there, who are not in government, that believe that the people in power should have these rights. They believe that the security of the land trumps the privacy of people. They think that if you have nothing to hide then you should not be afraid to show everything. These are the same people who are usually surprised when the government abuses their power later on down the road.

So should the government having the power to go into your personal web services be considered a security threat? Yes, it should. You never know who is going to try and use the information that they find against you. There should be a check and balance when it comes to power like that. They should only have the rights to do something like this if they can prove that you are doing something illegal. If not then they will start to abuse this new found power not too long after they have it.

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  1. Right now we have to worry about laws from the US Gov. — SOPA,,,Protect IP,, and this one from India.

    I dont know how many are following these but everyone should be.

    • I agree, it could be a turning point for the internet, especially SOPA. I for one have been watching that with great interest, along with the goings on at GoDaddy!

      • Spain now has a SOPA type law they passed.
        GoDaddy from what i have heard has backed out of supporting SOPA as have some other big companies.

        • I wasn’t aware of Spain’s new law though the one in Belarus crossed my path today – surfing foreign web sites is now a crime for anyone living there!

          As for GoDaddy, I wonder why they changed their minds? Hmmmm….$$$$…

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