Is The Google DNS Service A Secured System?

When it comes to Google, there is a rising fear that they have a “big brother” complex going on.

Some feel that people need to be aware of this rising threat.

Google does store a lot of personal information from people when they use their services.

internet surveillance

They make the claim that the data is purely anonymous but some people are becoming very suspicious of that claim.

Now they are introducing a new service that they feel is going to help make the Internet run faster.

The service is called Google DNS.

It’s goal is to eliminate the need for a local cache of your own DNS information stored on your computer.

People that are concerned with privacy on the internet feel that this is a step too far.

Some people out there might be wondering what exactly does a DNS do and how does this service relate to them?

To answer the first question, DNS stands for Domain Name Server.

A domain name server is the piece of software that allows you to turn a simple IP number into a domain name.

For example, if you go to, you are actually going to web site that has a number for the name.

It would look sort of like

But to make it easier for the average user, they created a piece of software that translates the domain name into an actual name hence

That information is then spread throughout the Internet to other DNS servers, so that other people are be able to access the site through the same name.

Google has released a few statements about their new DNS service.

They know that people are concerned with their privacy stance and are wondering how it will affect them.

The fear of google having all of this personal information will greatly affect how people use this new service.

First of all, they are stating that all IP adresses will only be stored on their servers for up to 48 hours.

After that the IP address will be erased.

They also claim that they will only keep your ISP and Geo location information for up to two weeks.

They also say that they will not compare logs of their other products to logs that are created by the new DNS service.

This will keep them from being able to match up your personal information to other activity that you do through google services.

This includes search, documents, and email.

Google has so far proven to be a trustworthy company.

When it comes to the handling of your privacy online, then I would think they would take a lot of precautions to make sure that they do not step over the line.

A corporation of its size and standing puts a lot at risk if they knowingly do something deceptive that goes against their TOS and its own public declarations.

It is up to you if you want to use this service, combined with the other services that they provide.

Personally I don’t have any concerns but feel it is a lot of personal data for one company to have nonetheless.

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