Is That A Kayak In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Pleased To Defraud Me?

Back in March of 2002, John Darwin went missing during a kayaking trip near his home of Seaton Carew, near Hartlepool.

After being missing for some time, he was legally declared dead and his wife subsequently benefited from a generous life insurance policy.

Six weeks ago Anne Darwin emigrated to Panama, following the sale of the family’s 7 bedroom house for over £450,000.

However, on Saturday, John Darwin strolled into a London police station, seemingly confused, and said, ‘I think I am a missing person’.



Since Saturday, John Darwin has been returned home to the North East of England where he is now being questioned by police who have arrested him on suspicion of fraud.

Cleveland Police will question both Darwin’s about a photograph which apparently shows the two of them together in Panama last year.

There have also been reports made to the police that suggest that Mr Darwin was spotted in Seaton Carew around 2 years ago.


Police say they are following several lines of inquiry which include the possibility that Mr Darwin was bogged down by heavy debts at the time of his disappearance.

Darwin has told police that he has absolutely no recollection of the 5 years between his disappearance and the time he arrived at the police station on Saturday.

If found guilty of fraud it is likely that the Darwins will have to repay the sum given to Mrs Darwin in respect of John’s death, in addition to any other penalties which may be applied by the courts.

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