Is Subway’s Jared Fogle Dead?

Is Jared Fogle, the “Subway Guy”, dead?

‘Jared S. Fogle , best known as the spokesman for Subway sandwich shop “The Subway Guy” Born December 1st, 1977 – Died yesterday at 4:43pm EST. The autopsy has not been performed, early medical reports indicate that he has died due to abnormal abdominal adhesions resulting from his 1998 gastric bypass surgery.’

Of course not!

It’s a hoax.

For reasons as yet unknown, rumours of Fogle’s death are spreading around the internet quicker than mayonnaise.

Fogle rose to fame after his extreme loss of weight after eating nothing but Subway’s Turkey on Whole Wheat.

This then led to him becoming a poster boy for the company.

It truly was an amazing transformation and one that would change Jared’s life forever.

Now, however, rumors are spreading like mayonnaise after someone reported that the Subway poster boy had died.

Call me cynical but I can’t help but wonder if this is a deliberate ploy to help raise his profile.

Why else would someone suggest he was dead when he wasn’t???

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  1. If its a hoax its ridiculous! Its 5 days before Christmas what kind of sick person would do something, or spread some kind of rumor about him dying! People need to get a life. Do we know the truth is he gone or not?


  1. […] to view this YouTube videothe story is in fact an internet hoax, much like the one that claimed Jared Fogle was dead – but that doesn’t stop people believing it and spreading the story around […]

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