Is Remote Software Safe Enough For Medical Purposes?

Some people think that the new frontier when it comes to hacking is not technical but biological. They think that we are going to take the same ideas that we have been doing with our computers and next transfer it to our bodies. You can see, in some instances, that there are already people trying to hack into their bodies. But in other instances there are medical procedures where the world of computers meets the insides of our bodies. Doctors have figured out that by using small computers, they are able to regulate better, certain implants that must go into your body. But the question now becomes is that if these implants are running by software, are they able to be protected?

Is Remote Software Safe Enough For Medical Purposes?

There was a scare very recently by a talk done by a presenter at Defcon. They said that they were able to find a way to be able to hack into the regulators that diabetics use for their insulin. Well, it turned out that this threat was a little bit over hyped but it did get people thinking. We are starting to put more and more stuff in our bodies when we get sick that is software based. Are we ever going to run into a time where black hat hackers are going to be able to get inside of these systems and cause damage? We already see that there are certain places where people with pace makers cannot go. If they do, it will do damage to the device. Will we see the same thing with other devices in our bodies?

The truth is that nobody knows. There might be an attack that is done in this manner one day but for right now we seem to be safe. But there are already people working on a security solution to make sure that nothing like this ever happens. If a hacker or hackers were able figure out how to control devices like this remotely then it would cause a lot of trouble in the medical community.

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