Is One Person Enough When It Comes To Making Sure A Network Is Secure?

If you run a business in this day and age then there is a good chance that your network is a big part of your business. If you have a home business then your personal network is very important to you when it comes to conducting your business. If you have an office with several people working in it then your network becomes even more important. But when you have a business that has more than 100 people then the network not only is important but it starts to become vital. You need to be able to keep all of these people connected when it comes to daily business and the only way that we do that in this day and age is through a network. And that is why you must be able to keep that network up. One of the ways that you have to do this is through the use of someone being able to secure the network.


But securing a network is a big deal and you cannot just have a single IT person do it. You have to bring in someone who specializes in dealing with security issues that will be able to handle the problem. When you are a small business then it is good enough to have just one person being able to take care of your business. But when you have a hundred plus people in the office then just having one guy in charge of security is not going to cut it. You have to be able to watch your network at all times. This means that you cannot just have it running when people are there and not running the rest of the time. No, when you have over a hundred people working in an office then that should imply that there is going to be people using the network at all hours of the day. And you cannot have just one person who is going to try and cover all of that.

You can hire a third party company or you can bring in another person as a full time employee. It does not matter what you do. But security has to be on your priority list when it comes to running that network. But there is another way that you can help your overwork security expert. You can teach people in the office how to make sure they are using the network in safe manner. It is not enough to just have the IT guy try to ban sites that might hurt the network. The people who work there will try to get around that ban anyway that they can. So you need to teach the people who work there why it is wrong to try and get around the bans that the IT guy has set up. You need to discuss the consequences of their actions to both them and the company as a whole.

So it really all depends on the size of the company whether one security guy is enough to be able to secure the local network. But there are too many company managers out there who will try to get away with only having one person in charge of security for as long as they can. And that can end up hurting the company in the long run. Someone who is overworked and doing more than they possibly can, will end up missing serious security holes that will let the bad guys in.

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