Is Learning Cryptography Important To Your Computer Security Career?

When you are first starting out in computer security there are two paths that you will try before you learn the proper way to do things. You will either try to learn everything under the sun when it comes to computer security and be bogged down in theory for a long time. Or you will be so overwhelmed by the amount that you think you have to learn that you will paralyze yourself and think that the task is impossible. Both of these are of course the wrong way to go about it. You have to pick and choose what interest you in the computer security field. Even though you do not hear about them often there are many segments in the computer security field. So pick the one that interest you the most.

Is Learning Cryptography Important To Your Computer Security Career?

Once you have picked the one that has interested you the most, you can then start to pick up more and more information that is outside your field of specialty. It is okay to broaden your horizons; you just do not want to let it overwhelm you.

One of the fields that computer security people like to pick up outside of their main area of interest is the Cryptology section of the security world. The reason why this field so popular is because no matter what type of computer security you do, you will always see a piece of Cryptology involved in it. Cryptology is considered the base of encryption technology and of course encryption is a staple in the computer security world. But be careful because learning about this type of technology is very tricky.

And that is the interesting part. Cryptography is less about technology and more about math. It is these math equations that allow our networks to be secured. So you will have to be prepared for a heavy amount of math if you want to go deeper into this world.

But if you do start to dip in this world then you will find that it can help you tremendously in your computer security career. You will know stuff that both the people that you work with and the black hat hackers do not know for the most part. When you know the ins and outs of the technology better than the next guy then there is a good chance that you will have the advantage. You always have to remember that when it comes to cyber war the one with the most information usually wins.

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