Is Jailbreaking Your iPhone The Smart Thing To Do?

Unless you have been in a cave for the past few years then you probably already know that the IPhone is one of the top selling phones right now. It is the phone that ushered in the modern smart phone era and even still till this day is on the top of the mountain when it comes to the smartphone that people choose first. And that is for very good reasons. Not only does it have a good design but it is very powerful and is something that is very easy to use. But sometimes when you are using the IPhone you want to be able to step out of the tiny box that they have made for you.


Sometimes you want to be able to take the power of the phone and go in a different direction with it. Apple is very good at making a stable performance experience when it comes to their products because they do not give you as many options as other hardware companies. So people who like the IPhone but do not like the restrictions that come with it often decide to go another route with their phones. They either change companies and decide to go with a more open Android based phone or they will decide to jailbreak their IPhone.

Jailbreaking your IPhone means that you get to root access on the phone. This allows you to be able to make changes to the phone that you are not supposed to be able to make. With root access you can change the look of the software on the phone dramatically. With root you are able to install applications on the phone that you would not normally be able to install. This means that you are able to install apps that are outside of the approve app store list. This also means that you are able to install apps that are not considered safe.

And it is these not considered safe apps that can get you in trouble. You do not know what kind of infections they have in them. The number one way to infect your IPhone with some type of malware is to jailbreak it. You no longer have the protection of the Apple reviewers by your side. You are now installing programs that you think might be safe not ones that you know are safe.

When you jailbreak your phone you have to remember that you are on your own now. So you really have to be careful with what you put in it,

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  1. So is a jailbroken iPhone, “security wise”, equal to an Android phone?

    • Lee Munson says:

      I guess the answer to that would depend greatly upon who you listen to David. I think at the moment that mobile threats are being slightly over exaggerated by some of the security companies but that they will be a big issue in the future. My instincts also tell me that Apple devices will probably be safer than Android ones in the longer run, mainly due to the relative numbers of people using each platform.

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