Is It The Hardware Or The Software That Is Causing The Security Vulnerability?

When most people use a computer they do so by using the very basics when it comes to hardware. They will use a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor and that is all when it comes to hardware. Then you can add to that the people who use external hard drives and portable USB sticks. This is still a very large group of people. And then you have another group of people who add extras to their hardware such as video cards and buffed up versions of audio cards. So as you can see there are some people out there who do not just stick with the basic hardware that they are given. They like to add on to the computer until it suits their needs.

But then you have corporations and small businesses and they add hardware to their systems all of the time. For a lot of businesses out there they cannot just get by on the default mouse and keyboard. They need more so that they are able to make their business more productive. So if you are going to be in the computer security business you really have to take the addition of hardware into consideration. If you do not take hardware into consideration then you are going to miss a lot of potential holes that the bad guys will be able to use to get in.

Dealing with hardware

When you are dealing with hardware there are two factors that you have to be concerned with. You have to worry about what is being stored inside of the actual hardware that you use and you have to worry about the newly installed drivers that are installed into the system after you have set up the hardware.

When we talk about what is stored in the actual hardware we are talking about both the firmware and the storage area. With the storage area we are talking about USB thumb drives, portable hard drives and blank CDs/DVDs. There have been plenty of reports over the years of the dangers when these areas of the hardware go on uncheck. Many bad guys have used both of these positions as a means of attack and there is no reason to think that they will not try again. When you are getting new storage devices it is a good idea that you scan it first before you run it on your primary machine. When it comes to the firmware in hardware devices there is not much that you can do. People need specialized software to be able to find those kinds of problems. The best that an average person can do is to go online and check to see if the products have any type of negative reviews when it comes to that type of activity. If you do see those kinds of complaints then that is a huge red flag that you should not ignore.

When it comes to the drivers that you have to install when you are preparing new hardware on your machine it is a very dangerous proposition. The drivers have deep access to your computer that normal programs do not have. If you get a driver that is a problem then that could cause a very bad problems to your system because it is at kernel level sometime. That is why you must scan the drivers and look up the driver software online to make sure that there is not a problem that you should be aware of.

Hardware can be a tricky game when it comes to computers. Just make sure that you are always aware of that.

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