Is It Safe To Bank Online Using Your Mobile Phone?

It took a long time for the majority of the people who are online to be able to trust it for financial purposes. Until the last five or six years, a majority of the people still did not trust the internet enough to be able to make a transaction on a web site like Amazon or Ebay. Sure you had many brave souls who did but the majority of the people polled still said that they did not trust it. Fortunately for online commerce, the paranoia did not last and a lot more people trust the internet for transactions now than they ever did before.


But there was still one area that a lot of people had problems trusting even after they became more comfortable with making an online transaction. The problem area was when people would talk about banking online. A lot of people felt that even if they could feel comfortable shopping, they still had trouble trusting a computer to do their banking. Again, it took a long time but eventually people were able to get over that fear as well. Even though there are problems with online banking all of the time, for most people the experience is a pleasure and something now that they cannot live without. But now due to the latest technology advances, there is still one area where people are going have to get comfortable doing online banking again.

Banking with your mobile phone

Yes, being able to bank on your phone is the latest technology trend and just like using the computer before it, people are nervous. They are used to using their phones for talking and not for being a mini computer. But now that they have the capability will they use it?

You should feel very safe in using your phone to do banking. While there are a few exploits when it comes to mobile phones, it is less dangerous right now than banking with a computer. And if you are truly worried then there are a couple of security packages that you can install on your phone.

While I will not guarantee that you will never run into trouble, for right now banking on your phone is pretty safe. So feel free to take advantage of this capability.

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  1. I wanted to quote Lee in a paper I’m writing about new security for web users but, I didn’t feel it was very credible writing “according to Lee”. Does Lee have a last name?

    • He does but, alas, there are some creepy people where he works who take too much interest in his web activities and so he tends to keep it to himself.

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