Is It Safe To Allow Your Developers To Use The Latest Technologies On Your Server?

If you are a person who is in charge of the computer systems at your office then you know that your number one job is to protect the system. Whether it is the network or the actual computers on the system, you have to make sure that everything remains stable so that actual work can get done. In keeping the safety of the entire system it means that you have to say no to a lot of people. When the people who do work on the computers ask you can you let the network allow Facebook access, you have to say no sometimes. Your number one priority is safety and not the enjoyment of the people who work there.

keeping the network secure is your number one priority

But when it comes to developers it is a different story. With most other people, they are not that computer knowledgeable so they will not argue too much about your decision. But with computer developers it is a different story. They want to be able to run the latest and greatest technologies on their computers at work and they need you to allow it. But the difference is that they probably know just as much about computer systems as you do and in some cases maybe even more. But that is not the point. You have to stand firm on your decision no matter who is asking you.

While they may be knowledgeable about computers and maybe even more credible than some of the other people in the office when they say a program is safe you still have to double check. Developers are less worried about the safety of the overall system and more worried about their own personal system.

If they want to be able to install the latest technology to help make their work easier or faster then you have a real obligation to take a look and see if it safe. If they just want it so that they can have fun then you probably want to stay on the safe side and say no. If it is not essential then it probably does not belong on the system.

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