Is It Really A Security Problem Or Are You Just Paranoid?

When it comes to our computers, people tend to be a lot more paranoid than they used to be. And they have good reason. They hear about all of the cyber attacks on the news and they might have even been infected a few times themselves. So it pays for people to be cautious when it comes to their computer.

But there is also the point of where you may be too cautious. There are times when people think that anything that happens negative to their computer is a result of a virus or some sort of other malware. And that can lead to the wrong diagnosis of what is wrong with your computer. So in this article I am going to take a quick look at if your problem with the computer is truly a security problem or not.

security awareness and paranoia maybe aren't so different

security awareness and paranoia maybe aren't so different

Signs that it is a security problem

As I said earlier, just because something is wrong with your computer doesn’t mean that it is a security problem. Computers go through the normal wear and tear and sometimes they just break. So let’s go over a few quick steps to see if it is a security problem or not.

Did it happen after a download or a visit to a new site?

If your computer started to mess up after you visited a new site or downloaded and installed a new application then it might be a security problem. It is probably too much of a coincidence if the problems started to happen right afterwards. If you have not done any of these two things lately then you might want to look into other solutions.

Can you get on the internet but not go to certain sites?

If you are being blocked from or forced to go to certain web sites then there is a good chance that it is malware affecting your computer. A simple problem with the internet would prevent you from going to all web sites and not just certain ones.

Is your internet light more active than normal?

If you feel like your computer is running sluggish and your internet light is running faster than normal than there might be some activity going on that you do not know about. This is a good sign that you might need to run an antivirus scan on your computer.

Make sure that there really is a security problem with your computer and not just the usual wear and tear.

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