Is It Possible To Become Infected With A Computer Virus When Buying New Hardware?

When we think about the spread of the different types of malware that are out there, we usually think of getting an infection through the use of tainted software on the computer.

We are careful when we visit web sites and scan all software that we download onto our computer.

This is all the precautions that you are expected to take when you are dealing with the average system.

But there are other ways that infections can get inside of your computer.

Hardware #Fail

It is not talked about as much but there have been more than a few cases of viruses found in hardware that you purchase from the store.

A lot of the hardware products that we purchase are manufactured in poor countries from around the world.

Most of the countries that make the products are focused in Asia.

Not all of the hardware manufacturers are big companies.

When you purchase a cheap piece of hardware for your computer, there is a good possibility that one of the smaller companies made it.

When you are dealing with areas that have a poor economy, there is a greater chance of someone being able to pay off a worker or a high ranking company official.

With this pay off they are able to sneak code into the firmware of a product that might harm your computer.

With the money that is available in the criminal underworld, it is well worth the risk for them.

viruses found in digital photo frames

Photographic Viruses

There were cases of spyware and viruses being found in digital picture frames a couple years ago.

It was first thought to be an isolated incident but the more that they investigated, the more that they found that the problem was wide spread.

This type of thing is going to happen more often.

As long as there is a lot of money to be made in the online criminal underground, there will be hackers that try to find new and innovative ways to try to exploit it.

Hardware attacks will be very hard to detect and you will not know there is a problem until the device is actually connected to your computer.

Hardware devices as an attack vector is not a common thing now, but it soon will be.

It is going to be important that you are able to trust the manufacturer that makes the product that you purchase.

One of the main benefits of owning a PC used to be that you could get cheap parts for it.

That feature may now be a liability.

Now those cheap parts may come with a higher cost.

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  1. I seem to remember back a couple of years ago or so that there was a lot of hard drives being sold with a virus already loaded up on them. Right off i cant remember which name brand it was, it was one of the big ones an of course made in a place over seas.

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