Is Internet Explorer Trustworthy Yet?

When you talk about the history of computers there is no better story than the battle of the browsers that went on in the 90’s. The Netscape browser was the first graphical browser to hit the market. It was very popular and it really turned people on to the internet in a big way. When Microsoft saw how popular the Netscape browser was they decided that they wanted into the game. They did this by purchasing an old browser and naming it Internet Explorer. After a while their browser caught up in popularity to the Netscape browser because of the fact that it was offered for free. It was also considered a browser that was very advanced as well. They finally won the browser wars and the Netscape browser source code was open sourced and was then labeled Firefox.

can you trust IE9?

But something happened during that time. After Microsoft won the battle of the browsers they decided that they were not going to give that much attention to Internet Explorer. They thought that it was fine the way that it was and that they should be Ok. During that time the browser became unsafe and black hat hackers were finding many holes that really compromised the system. The Internet Explorer browser really fell out of flavor with both the developers and the end users. It allowed other browsers to catch up in popularity such as Firefox.

Now Microsoft is trying to clean up their image and they have really put a lot of thought into the security of their next browser. The browser that they have out now, called IE 9, is considered to be just as secure or even more so than the other browsers on the market. So is it time for the end user to go back to using Internet Explorer? Can they feel safe again?

The truth is that it is up to the individual. IE 9 is just as safe as the other browsers now and Microsoft seems to have learned their lesson. So now it is just a matter of which browser that you like the most.

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