Is HTML5 The Way To Go On Mobile Or Is A Native App More Secure?

If you are developer then there is no doubt that you are aware of a battle that has been brewing for a few years now. While this battle has been brewing in all types of electronic devices it has really been brewing in the mobile phone space for the last few years. The more popular mobile phones have gotten, the more you hear people talk about this battle. And that battle is what you should use to develop your mobile app in, HTML5 or the native app library that is on the phone. This has been the question for a few years now and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon.


When it came to your desktop computer in the past, there was no question on how you were going to make an application for it. You were going to use one of the main languages that were popular at the time and develop the app natively. These apps included Pascal, C++, C, and later on C# and Java. And then all of the sudden along came the web and the use of HTML combined with JavaScript started to get popular. People soon found out that they could use the combination of the two for more than just making web pages. They found out that they could make web based apps. The web based apps were easier to deploy than the native ones and most importantly they could do almost the same thing as the native apps.

But native apps still reigned supreme on the desktop. But when smartphones started to get popular we started to see the major companies try to push developers to developing the apps with HTML5 technology. They figured that it would be a lot easier and a lot cheaper to be able to make apps for the platform that way instead of having to use a native app kit. But there was one big problem with that. Because of the memory constraints of the phone, the web apps ran slower than the native apps did. Depending on the type of application that they were developing, that made a lot of developers want to switch back to using native apps. If your app did not depend on being speedy then it was not a problem. But if it did, then you wanted to go back to native app development.

But when it comes to a security perspective, which one of the development environments are the best? If you were to develop an app right now which one would you go with, native or the web? The answer to the question is that they both have their problems right now when it comes to security on a smartphone platform.

When you are dealing with a web based app then you are once again dealing with security issues that you would have to deal with when you have a web site. You have two angles that you have to deal with. And those two angles are the client side and the server side. Instead of worrying about the security of the browser and the server you are now worried about the phone and the server. The same vulnerabilities that you have on a server can be found on the smartphone as well.

When you are talking about native apps, you have to worry about them being reverse engineered, spoofed, and maybe even some web problems if they connect to the internet in some way. So yes there is a line of problems for them as well.

When you are dealing with apps on the smartphone you are always going to have to worry about security. No matter if it is web based or native.

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