Is Firefox A Security Threat?

Microsoft thinks Firefox is a security risk


According to Microsoft’s AntiSpyware (Beta 1), Mozilla’s Firefox browser represents a high level security threat.

By a complete act of coincidence, Firefox just happens to be the main competitor to Microsoft’s own browser, Internet Explorer.

In case the image above isn’t too clear, here are AntiSpyware’s thoughts on Firefox –

Mozilla Firefox
Type: Software
Threat Level: High
Author: Mozilla

Description: Mozilla Firefox is an alternative browser which may be vulnerable to a lack of security updates and may perform operations differently than the default browser.

Advice: This is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately as to prevent harm to your computer or your privacy.

Now, I’m quite a cynic when it comes to judging the motivations and actions of some large companies, but I’ll leave you to form your own opinion on why Microsoft may have such an issue with the competitor who is rapidly gaining market share by luring people away from the ‘default browser’.

In response to AntiSpyware’s suggestion that Firefox may be vulnerable to ‘a lack of security updates’, I would direct Microsoft to the official Firefox site, from which this interesting excerpt is taken –

..For more than 9 months in 2006, Internet Explorer had “critical” security flaws. Firefox reported only 9 days..

Thoughts anyone?

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